6 Best Cloud PBX Providers For Business

As more teams work remotely and companies seek to position themselves for flexibility in scaling and expanding, cloud-based PBX providers are gaining ground as the preferred communication method. To help you decide whether you require a phone system of this type, we’ll go over everything you need to know about PBX providers in this article. We’ll also provide you with our review of the top best cloud PBX providers in this post!

What Is a PBX Provider?

A private branch exchange (PBX) system is a type of phone system with several business-level capabilities, including call conferencing, extensions, welcome messages, and caller waiting for lines. Contrary to typical phone systems, cloud-hosted PBX providers offer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems through remote Internet servers rather than calling for pricey gear to be placed in your business.

Best Cloud PBX Providers
Best Cloud PBX Providers

This virtual phone system is a fantastic option for organizations because it is safe, practical, and dependable. Also, since there is no requirement for actual infrastructure, it is simpler to scale by adding new business lines and extensions fast, which is very useful for remote workers.

This roundup will walk you through the top six hosted PBX companies to assist you to make the best choices if you’ve decided to migrate to a cloud PBX provider (or you’re contemplating your options!).

6 Best Cloud PBX Providers


Because they give top-notch commercial services that are integrated with their internal teamwork and customer relationship solutions, Nextiva is our top option for PBX suppliers. They provide a comprehensive, seamless solution for phone systems, and according to U.S. News & World Report, they are the best business phone service in 2023.

Nextiva’s virtual phone technology allows users to access a business line on their personal cell phone. It is extraordinary how well their customer relationship suites and teamwork collaboration suites—which may enhance customer service at every potential touchpoint—integrate with a dependable, high-quality phone system.

Price starts at $19.95 per user per month when paid annually, while larger firms will wish to look at their $27.95 per month per user plan. They both provide free trials for their professional and enterprise programs.


The virtual PBX system from CallHippo aids in leaving a lasting impression. The complete features permit you to navigate your business from any area of the planet. Additionally, CallHippo gives you the option to select from a variety of numbers, manage business calls easily, continue to be reachable to customers after office hours, add an unlimited number of users to your virtual phone number, gain access to advanced analytics, and automatically distribute calls. With CallHippo, you may obtain virtual phone numbers for more than 50 countries, including Finland, Norway, the UK, and many others.


Best Cloud PBX Providers
Best Cloud PBX Providers

One of the first and possibly most well-known cloud-based PBX options available is Nextiva. The business has over 15 years of experience in the field of digital phone systems. Also, it has endured numerous changes to the standard VoIP technology used today on the internet.

The constant development of the NextOS platform has been the secret to Nextiva’s success. The corporate environment’s entire communication spectrum is covered by NextOS. Nextiva is committed to integrating team and client communications into a single dashboard in particular. Consequently, a seamless digital call center experience is provided.

This is accomplished with the aid of artificial intelligence, which enables Nextiva to acquire crucial customer data in real time. Also, because it’s a novel strategy, it would work best for medium-sized enterprises hoping to experience rapid growth in the near future.


A cloud-based PBX called JustCall gives company owners access to phone numbers in more than 70 different countries. When you call your clients, the phone numbers you create with JustCall appear to be local numbers, offering a high level of transparency.

Customers won’t have to question the legitimacy of the calls they’re receiving thanks to a local number. You’ll have the ability to generate new phone numbers in any nation you like soon after becoming a JustCall customer.

The best part is that it goes beyond a simplified list of phone numbers. When it comes to making sure you and your clients are always in touch, JustCall’s feature set is extensive.


A unified cloud-based phone system with a built-in call center platform is called CloudTalk. It is designed to function with contemporary business tools, help desks, and eCommerce businesses, which facilitates client-to-business contact. The most common monthly plan has a starting price of $20 and can be adjusted based on your need.

Unlike cumbersome internal PBX systems, CloudTalk is totally browser-based. As a result, you can start taking calls the very first day after setting up your call center, which should only take a few minutes.


RingOver is a French-based communications platform that enables you to quickly set up your own virtual call center. having a phone number and receiving your first client call after not having a call center. All thanks to an infrastructure that has been meticulously designed to support your ambitions.

Best Cloud PBX Providers
RingOver: Best Cloud PBX Providers

Nothing else needs to be done besides the RingOver installation. Upon registration, you will receive an all-inclusive dashboard. This indicates that you may begin adding new numbers and team members as soon as your registration is complete.


Businesses are embracing the digital world at an increasing rate. Therefore, it only makes sense to search for trustworthy substitutes as maintaining older systems becomes more expensive. Cloud-based phone systems give you the freedom to conduct business from any location.

The majority of it takes place in your browser, which is the best part. Calls can still be logged, staff can be managed, and some of the listed solutions go above and above to offer the finest customer communication experience.

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