Top 11 Best Coffee Shops In Austin

Best Coffee Shops In Austin

Despite the ongoing boom in chain coffee-shops, Austin locals prefer to frequent longstanding local cafes with friendly, familiar staff and a good selection of light bites. Discover the best places to relax with a small meal and some good vibes in Texas by visiting one of these best coffee shops in Austin. Best Coffee Shops In

Top 7 Luxury Hotels In Austin

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Perfectly plump pillows, impeccable service, exceptional  fine-dining restaurants and boozy hotel bars – the luxury hotels in Austin know exactly how to pamper their guests. Whether you’re staying in the heart of downtown or relaxing outside of the city, these hotels serve as a swanky home base while you’re conquering the best things to do in Austin.

Top 6 Best Restaurants In Austin

Top 6 Best Restaurants In Austin

Austin has a reputation as a welcoming, friendly place, but like New Yorkers over pizza, Austinites may come damn near throwing a punch if you take issue with their choice of brisket smoker or breakfast taco maker. Local specialties like that are just the beginning of the food conversation in the Texas capital though. Austin’s fine dining has

7 Best Things To Do In Austin

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From pristine natural springs to two-stepping dance halls, we has rounded up the must-visit attractions that make Austin what it is. Whether you’re playing tourist in your own city or visiting and looking for things to do during one of the Texas capital’s many festivals, here are the best things to do in Austin you