The Best Primers For Oily Skin

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A good primer is a lifeline you need if you have an oily complexion. Find the right one, and it’ll stop your foundation from slipping, thus keeping your base smooth and flawless for longer. Not only will good mattifying primer tackle areas of high shine, but it’ll reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores

The Best Dry Shampoos For Men

Best Dry Shampoos For Men

Dry shampoos are the perfect pick-us-up whenever you’re feeling a bit lazy but looking for a refreshed look. But did you know there’s also a more practical reason for it? You have probably heard once or twice that it’s against the laws of grooming to wash your hair every day. Spoiler alert: It’s true. But

Best Lip Masks For 2021

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When the cold weather wreaks havoc on your lips, even the best balm that comes in your beauty box, isn’t going to cut it. You need something packed with powerful moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, peptides, and almond oil to protect your delicate skin from further damage. Though they might sound like an unnecessary expense, lip masks will do

Best Lip Concealers For 2021

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Here’s a secret about lips— they never lie! No matter how many times you touch up or pamper them with heavenly lip balms, sometimes all they need is a strong base to look their best. And what’s better than a layer of a good lip concealer? Though similar to lip primers, these concealers cover up

Best Sunscreen Sprays

We all know how important sunscreen is, but goopy messy creams can be kind of a hassle. That’s where sunscreen spray comes in. We got the scoop from dermatologists about what to look for in a spray sunscreen and how to use it correctly. We also asked which products they trusted enough to use themselves.