7 Benefits of cloud hosted PBX

When businesses move their phone systems to the cloud, you as a business owner or IT manager are probably wondering whether cloud Hosted PBX is right for you or if it’s just a fad that will be quickly superseded by the next innovation. Most likely, you already have a phone system in place that serves your purposes as a business, and you are unsure if any incentives are forcing you to switch to a new system. The good thing about cloud Hosted PBX is that it provides a wealth of benefits that will make that choice simple for you. The following are some benefits of a cloud hosted PBX:

What Is A Cloud Hosted PBX?

What Is A Cloud Hosted PBX?
What Is A Cloud Hosted PBX?

A company phone system that is powered and managed by the Internet and is hosted in an off-site data center as opposed to on-site servers is known as a cloud hosted PBX. The main benefit of this system is that it offers a lot more features than a conventional office phone system while not requiring as much technical know-how locally because everything can be set up and coordinated with an off-site facility, which will take care of all the logistics and back-end operations of the hosted switchboard system.

Benefits of cloud hosted PBX

Enormous cost savings

Due to the fact that your complete phone system is hosted and maintained in the cloud, you do not need to spend money on expensive hardware. You just pay for the services you use, saving you from having to make a significant capital investment and acquire the necessary technical expertise to set up your system. When compared to the cost of fixed lines, the cost is typically divided among thousands of users, considerably reducing the per-unit usage/subscription cost for the consumer.

For organizations like call centers that manage a high volume of long-distance calls, cloud hosted PBX lack of geography restrictions could result in significant call savings. With calls from one branch to another appearing to be internal calls, your entire organization, wherever it may be in the world, may combine its communication infrastructure into a single system. The number of call plans that offer unlimited calls to mobile numbers will cause the average cost per call to drop significantly.

Time reduction

Benefits of cloud hosted PBX
Benefits of cloud hosted PBX

A conventional PBX requires you to acquire the necessary hardware, schedule an appointment for a technician to assess your call flow needs, and then schedule an installation date. This could take a few weeks to several months. Setting up a cloud-hosted PBX is quick and simple. Provisioning is frequently instant and done through a desktop computer’s graphical user interface. Because everything is software-based, adding a phone line or 20 additional lines normally takes a few minutes (or clicks). Because the service provider typically employs a group of committed professionals who are available round-the-clock to ensure you suffer no downtime, you also save time on server maintenance and equipment updates.


You can join using your VoIP phone, a smartphone that has VoIP software, or a desktop PC from any manufacturer thanks to cloud hosted PBX. Now, with the same office number and their preferred device, your workers may choose to work from anywhere, including from home or abroad, at any time. You can transfer business calls from your desk phone to your soft phone and take calls while you’re on the go. By connecting virtual or toll-free numbers, such as 03/0800 numbers, easily to your cloud hosted PBX, you can increase your reachability to customers and take calls whether you’re at a remote location or in your office.

Advanced capabilities

Even when using basic equipment, you are no longer constrained by the functionality on your phone or in your local office PBX. With cloud Hosted PBX, it’s now feasible to utilize all the capabilities offered by your service provider without paying an additional fee. The majority of these capabilities, including Call Control, Voice Menu, Time Conditions, Call Recording, Queue, Wallboards, and many more, are accessible via a web interface that is updated frequently as new features are added and current ones are modified.

Superior Voice Calls

Voice communication via the internet has greatly improved with higher Quality of Service (QoS) plans, greater compression rates, and fast internet connections. Your service provider may conduct a number of tests prior to the start of your VoIP service to evaluate the strength of your internet connection and suggest the best VoIP option for your area. Using voice prioritisation and other packet loss resilience strategies, Cloud Hosted PBX can now provide you with excellent quality calls over the internet. As a result of the widespread adoption of dedicated Fiber Broadband, 4G, or ADSL networks by service providers, QoS policies may now be applied holistically from the central office to the subscriber, ensuring exceptional call quality.


Companies constantly expand and contract. You need a system that can scale up or down proportionately to your business needs during times of expansion or contraction. With an internal PBX, you may set aside resources and allot space in advance. which means you pay for resources that aren’t being used now but might be in the future. As your demand rises or falls, cloud-hosted applications may quickly grow to meet your consumption capacity. With a few lines, you may start small and add more users as your business grows. Seasonal enterprises can benefit from the scalability of cloud-hosted PBX by activating new lines shortly before a significant event or festival and deactivating them as soon as it is over.


Benefits of cloud hosted PBX
Benefits of cloud hosted PBX

Solutions for cloud-hosted PBX are typically more secure than internal PBX. With VoIP systems, the service provider is responsible for the security of the solution, so they also manage all software updates, firewall configurations, and security patches. In order to ensure that VoIP service is completely secure and secured, your service provider has a dedicated team of highly qualified people at their disposal. A VoIP provider like VoIPLine Telecom has algorithms in place to stop a significant amount of unauthorized calls even if your local network is compromised.


The modern corporation that need more flexibility in its office phone system options might profit greatly from cloud hosted PBX solutions. The main driver for people to transition from traditional PBXs to cloud hosting is the advantage of flexible, scalable solutions with lower costs and hardware needs. It should be simpler for you to select the system that best meets your company’s demands now that you are more familiar with their fundamentals. You’ll typically realize that the cloud PBX just makes more sense in a variety of ways.

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