6 Best Cloud PBX Providers for Business

The top cloud PBX companies provide scalable phone services with cutting-edge features like voicemail transcription and video conferencing. With the help of hosted PBX services, you may continue doing business even when some of your staff is working remotely. In this post, we compiled the cloud PBX providers to identify the top seven for your company’s communication requirements.

What exactly is cloud PBX?

A “cloud PBX” is a business phone system that is hosted online and controlled by servers located in faraway data centers. This proves that these phone networks make and receive calls using VoIP technology. An exchange system designed, developed, and hosted in the cloud that is managed by a third-party service provider and accessed through the Internet is frequently referred to as a virtual PBX or hosted PBX.

What exactly is cloud PBX?
What exactly is cloud PBX?

Not from the start, but in recent years, many firms, including some large-scale ones, have shifted to cloud PBX. It was formerly regarded as a disadvantage of this hosted PBX in terms of data security. However, when improvements are made, it is critical to remember that the security of Cloud PBX will be transferred to organizations that are professionals in the industry.

Top Cloud PBX Providers for Business


Our #1 choice among the top hosted PBX companies is RingCentral. RingCentral is the clear choice for small organizations searching for scalable hosted PBX solutions with powerful call management tools. Complete smartphone integration, business SMS (Short Message Service), and screen-sharing virtual meetings are all included. Through automation, hosted PBX improves business productivity, expands mobility, and enables remote coordination.

Although RingCentral has one of the most extensive service menus, solopreneurs and smaller teams could find the sheer number of features intimidating (and costly). 88 is your best option if you’re seeking for a cheap cloud-hosted PBX solution. The entry-level plan from 88 has a lower monthly cost and features unlimited domestic calling, group texting, and video conferencing.


Top Cloud PBX Providers for Business
Cloud PBX Providers for Business

Due to its unlimited international calling to 52 nations, 88 surpasses other hosted PBX providers in terms of market expansion. Other carriers charge by the minute, but this can be expensive for companies that make a lot of overseas calls. By offering worldwide toll-free services to customers, 88’s unmetered international calling helps small businesses increase their trust and reputation on a global scale.

88, despite providing international calling, does not provide toll-free minutes. GoTo Connect is a fantastic choice for companies with little toll-free traffic. Its basic package gives 1,000 or 5,000 shared toll-free minutes and unmetered international calling to more than 50 countries.


When it comes to offering collaborative solutions, Nextiva is in the lead. It includes CoSpace, a virtual workspace for group collaboration that combines audio conversations, video, chat, and document sharing. Its chats combine communications sent via email, SMS, and other means of contact into a single display.

For those seeking more inexpensive options, there are, nevertheless, more available choices. If this is the case, take into account Phone.com, which offers the least expensive basic plan among all the providers of business-hosted PBX on this list. You can get 500 pooled minutes, 1,000 pooled text segments, video conferencing with 10 participants, 50 common voice features, and one phone number for a monthly membership of $14.99 per user.


A cloud-based service called Dialpad offers independent products such a sales dialer, video conferencing, a company phone system, and contact centers. For companies looking for hosted PBX solutions with cutting-edge AI technology, Dialpad is fantastic. With its built-in speech recognition and natural language processing, Dialpad Ai can create post-call summaries and transcribe meetings in real-time.

While Dialpad offers AI features that improve performance and productivity overall, companies with significant needs for international calling may want to think about 8[or GoTo Connect. Both offer worldwide assistance to businesses in need of cost-effective, limitless international calling.


Metered-hosted PBX services from Phone.com are excellent for small organizations with modest call volumes or those who experience seasonal surges in call volumes. With this price structure, you can combine and match plans to meet the demands of your team. Users can manage all business communication channels directly from any Windows or Mac desktop computer with the help of Phone.com’s Communicator program.

Small company owners should be aware that Phone.com’s most expensive plan tier limits video participants to 100. Check out 88 if you require virtual meeting solutions with a higher participant limit. Its platform has capabilities like virtual backgrounds, live streaming, cloud recordings, and calendar connections, and it supports up to 500 meeting participants each session.


A cloud-based PBX called JustCall gives company owners access to phone numbers in more than 70 different countries. When you call your clients, the phone numbers you create with JustCall appear to be local numbers, offering a high level of transparency.

Cloud PBX Providers for Business
Cloud PBX Providers for Business

A local number removes the need for clients to question the legitimacy of the calls they receive. Soon after becoming a JustCall customer, you’ll be able to generate new phone numbers in the country of your choice.

Best of all, it’s not just a simplified list of phone numbers. When it comes to keeping you and your clients in touch, JustCall’s list of capabilities is extensive.


The demand for cloud PBX providers is enormous, therefore now is the time to make that investment. However, because each hosted phone system has a variety of features, it is advisable that you compare their technical specifications, costs, and customer support before choosing one.

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