Best Coffee Shops In Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities that’s full of hip cafes at every turn. Below, you’ll find the best coffee shops in Lisbon.

Best Coffee Shops In Lisbon

Hello, Kristof

Hello, Kristof | Restaurants in Chiado/Cais do Sodré, Lisbon

This tiny little hole in the wall cafe is probably my favorite of the bunch. It may or may not (read: likely) have something to do with the fact that I grew up wanting to work for a magazine, and the back wall of Hello, Kristof is lined with them. If you can snag a seat amongst the limited space, chill for awhile and try the avocado toast. If you can’t, the good news is that two of my other favorites The Mill and Dear Breakfast are within striking distance.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Brewing specialty coffee in Lisbon since 2014, the Denmark-based company has expanded throughout the city with four locations of their Copenhagen Coffee Lab brand. They even won an award this year for the Best Coffee Shop in Portugal by Portuguese magazine, Drinks Diary.

Pastelaria Versailles

On the bustling Avenida da República, north of the centre, lies one of Lisbon’s loveliest and most traditional cafés, Pastelaria Versailles. Order your coffee from the long glass cabinet lined with sumptuous cakes and pastries, and then take a seat beneath the chandeliers where a waistcoated waiter will serve it to you.

Linha d’Água

Best Coffee Shops In Lisbon: Olá Verão! - Lisboa Secreta

Though a short walk from the Gulbenkian Museum, Linha d’Água lies in the upper reaches of Parque Eduardo VII and does not see many tourists. Order a coffee with an inexpensive meal from the broad glass-fronted building, and sit in a shady spot next to the shallow waters of a little lake.

Le Petit Prince Culture Cafe

This cosy coffee shop is piled high with books, many of which are different editions of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. Known for their insta-worthy latte art and excellent roast options, they’ve also got an impressive brunch menu.

Bettina & Niccolo Corallo

Lisboa ConVida - Bettina Corallo - Best Coffee Shops In Lisbon

Aside from offering great coffee, Bettina & Niccola Corallo wows people with their homemade chocolate assortment. Smooth sorbet, rich brownies and chocolate-dipped oranges seem to be crowd favourites. What makes Bettina & Niccolo even more special is that it’s tucked away indiscreetly in Príncipe Real giving it a local and homey feel.

Buzz Lisboeta

Innovation is a buzzword in Lisbon these days, and you’ll find plenty of it in Village Underground, a hotchpotch of striking old shipping containers and double-decker buses repurposed as workspaces and studios. One of the buses now doubles as a café, Buzz Lisboeta, where creative types get their caffeine fix and snacks throughout the day. Join them for a feel of the city’s creative pulse.


One of the best coffee shops in Lisbon, Heim, has an intimate street-corner vibe located in the Santos neighborhood. Tables can fill up quickly especially on the weekends, but with a menu that will satisfy both the vegetarians and meat-lovers in your party, it’s well worth the wait.


The trendiest newcomer to the Lisbon cafe scene is hands-down Comoba, a beautiful light-filled space that serves up healthy dishes with no refined sugars or processed ingredients.

The Mill

A Lisbon breakfast staple, The Mill, is a great place to gather with friends over a coffee, smoothie or avocado toast. Expect to wait in line as space is limited, but tables seem to move pretty quickly here. If you find yourself in Ericeira (a surf town north of Lisbon), make sure to check out their second location there as well!

Village underground

Part cafe, part co-working space, part creative community, the Village Underground is a unique corner of Lisbon constructed from shipping containers and double-decker buses that attracts a global community of creatives and remote workers. Even if you don’t stick around, it’s worth checking out just to see what a cool construction this place is, just a stone’s throw from LX Factory.

Café A Brasileira

Lisbon’s most famous café brims with tourists at certain times of the day, with many sitting outside next to the bronze statue of writer Fernando Pessoa (who used to imbibe absinthe with his coffee here for literary inspiration). To appreciate Café A Brasileira fully, visit first thing in the morning or in the evening, and admire the beautiful interior of marble and carved wood.

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