The Best Beauty Products Vending Machine On The Market

Do you ever wish you could simply walk into your favorite department store and buy everything you need for your beauty routine without having to deal with pushy salespeople who seem desperate to upsell you on a ton of items you don’t even need or want? Have you ever thought about a Beauty Products Vending Machine, continue reading to explore!

1. What is the Beauty Products Vending Machine?

The renowned department store Harvey Nichols takes pride in its high-quality products and highly effective employees, but if you want to indulge in a shopping spree without the service, you might like their freshly introduced BeautyMART Beauty Products Vending Machine. The idea for the Beauty Products Vending Machine came from Pittman, a former beauty director for Vogue. They offer to deliver premium goods right to your fingertips, similar to shopping online but without the wait or shipping costs.

Beauty Products Vending Machine

Customers can play beauty roulette and let the Beauty Products Vending Machine choose the items for them, or they can use a touchscreen to choose the products they desire, which are presented in attractive, shiny black paper bags. Customers are not only paying for the convenience; they are also receiving a sneak peek into a beauty insider’s edit of the greatest products available. Each bag contains several products from a variety of brands, each of which has been meticulously chosen by Solowij and Kendal.

2. What can customers expect from Beauty Products Vending Machine?

The Beauty Products Vending Machine also has themed bags like “Love and Peace,” which contains Jurlique Love Balm, and “Clubbing Kit,” which includes volume mascara by Bourjois, Model’s Own Wah Nails nail transfers, and Batiste dry shampoo. Prices range from €4 (£3.45) for posh tampons by Trinket to €115 (£98) for a luxury Dr. Jackson’s 01 Face Cream and Paul Yacomine’s No 1 Hair Oil.

Beauty Products Vending Machine

The creative team explained their concept as follows: “After 20 years each in the industry, discovering, writing about, creating, and selling some of the best beauty products available, we have put together a selection of our all-time favorites, as well as some exciting new finds, and we’re selling them in BeautyMART, our new boutique in Harvey Nichols.

“We are bringing the power of editorial to retail because we know how valuable customers find a beauty editor’s opinion to be.” The BeautyMART, however, is currently only accessible in the department retailer’s main London shop. Irish customers who are interested in the new business will have to wait, but we guess it won’t be long before the idea makes it to our shores.

3. The Business Concept of Beauty Products Vending Machine

Pittman put her whole heart and effort into starting her business because she wanted to alleviate a problem that Black women had been experiencing for a long time. Pittman admits, “I utilized my own personal savings.” “I also took money out of my own 401K to do this because I promised myself that if I did it, I would do it completely and without looking back. I won’t be returning to corporate America. This is something I want to do, and I want to do it full-time. I want to give this my all.”

Pittman admits that it was the toughest thing she has ever done, but her perseverance paid off when she was able to install Beauty Products Vending Machine in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Canada. Standard haircare, skincare, and beauty goods from companies like SheaMoisture and Black Girl Sunscreen are available in each machine.

Beauty Products Vending Machine

4. The Business Success of Beauty Products Vending Machine

Each Beauty Products Vending Machine is now located in a mall or shopping area. Pittman, meanwhile, is focused on growing in other areas. Pittman declares, “I want to install in airports. “They’ll be housed in stadiums, I hope. I want to place them in malls. I want to place them in resorts and hotels. They should be placed in areas that are popular with Black and other women of color.”

Pittman notes that getting into the airports is a big priority for her and that the airports in Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson and Los Angeles International are at the top of her list. In order to guarantee that Black college students always have access to their preferred personal care items, she also wants to install her Beauty Products Vending Machine on HBCU campuses.

Pittman’s three-year strategy includes generating money in order to fully expand Tress Obsessed as well. Even if you have strong business credit and fewer than three years of experience, it might be challenging to obtain a loan for your company. “So, my objective is to secure funds so that we can grow. A few investors have been in touch with me. I’m waiting to see how that plays out.”


Hearing from ladies who resemble me, Pittman said in response to the question of what has been the most satisfying aspect of starting her business. On social media, Pittman has racked up tens of thousands of comments from Black and Brown women who support the necessity for her Beauty Products Vending Machine (she’s become a social media sensation on Twitter and Instagram). It’s undoubtedly gratifying to see women’s eyes sparkle and sense their enthusiasm for her business, she claims.

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